Advanced Dog Training Classes

**** In this unprecedented time, MVDTC hopes to resume subnovice, novice and advanced classes with extreme precautions.  The health and safety of our instructors and students is our greatest concern.  The MVDTC Board of Directors is continuing to monitor the situation.  If you are a current training member, please watch your email for upcoming information, release forms and instructions.   This is a very fluid situation and we may have to modify our plans along the way..  Stay safe.  ******




    Continue training your dog important obedience skills learned in the Basic Obedience class.     Dogs and Handlers will continue to work on heeling,   begin working on off leash skills, and add duration and distance to stays.  

   This class is only available to student who have completed our Basic Obedience Class.  Dogs will be promoted from the Subnovice class to the Novice class by the Instructor.

    Preferred method of payment is via Google Pay, Venmo, or PayPal



    Prepare for competition at the Beginner Novice and Novice level.  Emphasis will be on handler errors, ring errors and what to expect at a trial.  

    This class is only available to students who have completed our Basic and Subnovice Classes.  

     Class is offered in Alexandria VA on Wednesday evenings.

     Instructor Dian Thomas.  

     Yearly training fee of $200. 

Preferred method of payment is via Google Pay, Venmo, or PayPal.



    Prepare for advanced obedience competition

    Dogs must have completed our Novice class OR have a Novice Obedience title from the AKC.  

    Class is offered in Alexandria, VA on Wednesday evenings.

    Instructor Dian Thomas.  

    Yearly Training Fee of $200.

Preferred method of payment is via Google Pay, Venmo, or PayPal.




     These are short classes (usually 4 weeks) devoted to further developing skills required by students at levels from Novice and above.

    Class is offered in Springfield, VA on Monday evenings.  

    Sessions are taught by various instructors.