Basic Dog Training Classes

 MVDTC offers a Basic I class and Basic II/CGC class.  

In our eight-week Basic I obedience class, the instructors will teach you how to train your dog in basic obedience skills. At the end of the class, their goal is for you to have trained your dog in the most important obedience skills and to have the foundational tools to train your dog in more advanced obedience skills and other activities, such as competitive obedience, agility, therapy dog work, or one of the many other exciting canine sports.

The basic obedience skills covered in the class include sit, down, and stand, and stays in all three of those positions; as well as loose leash walking with your dog --and coming when called. We include several exercises to reinforce heeling so that your dog will learn to match your pace and direction when you're out walking.

Our Basic II/CGC class is a continuation of our Basic I class for those students wishing to continue with training and improve on the skills learned in Basic I.  The class will also work on the skills needed for the Canine Good Citizen test.  The CGC test will be offered at the end of the 8 weeks session.  

Our classes are a great way to teach your dog to work in a distracting environment. Once you've had a chance to work on a skill at home, you'll come back to class and reinforce those skills when your dog may be more interested in what's going on around it. Learning to work in a distracting environment is critical to making sure your dog has really mastered the skills you're training.

Classes are taught on a martingale or training collar.  We do not permit the use of prong collars, harnesses or head collars. 

Puppies must be AT LEAST 5 months old to attend Basic I class. 

Group classes are offered in Springfield VA on Mondays and Wednesdays.   Please check our calendar of classes.  

Monday Instructor:  Ciara Sitko   Assistant:  

Wednesday Instructor:  Debbie Barrows   Assistant: Kathy

8 week sessions offered for  $150.

Preferred method of payment is via Google Pay, Venmo, or PayPal.  

 All Participants will be required to sign a release prior to participating in classes (see Release form in drop down menu).



to register for a class please email us at:

Your registration is NOT complete until you have received a conformation email.